January 29, 2018

Regardless of your profession…what are you going to learn tomorrow?

teaching-complex-arthroscopic-rotator-cuff-repairThis picture is Foshan China from last October. I am operating with one of the top shoulder specialists, Dr. Zhao, on a complex arthroscopic rotator cuff repair. There were 19 young eager minds in the room to watch. My first trip to China was in 2008 on a collaborative mission in the spirit of the Beijing summer Olympics. Essentially, shoulder surgery did not exist in China at that time. Along with a group of eight American Orthopedists, we helped train 80 surgeons from across China on shoulder arthroscopy. I have subsequently been back three times and have hosted training sessions here in America for the Chinese on multiple occasions.

It is routine for the Chinese to send their doctors on sabbaticals to the US and Europe to give them the opportunity to learn and develop new techniques. These doctors thrive on innovation and change. The Hype cycle of innovation speaks of innovators and early adopters of technology with a chasm that needs to be crossed for acceptance to mainstream. There is no chasm in China. There is only a desire to learn from all that will teach them. So I challenge all that are reading this regardless of your profession…what are you going to learn tomorrow?

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