Cartilage Repair/ Regrowth

Cartilage is the smooth coating on the end of your bones that provides cushioning and support for comfortable, fluid movement.  Cartilage damage occurs as a result of injury or degeneration and can lead to severe pain and arthritis.  It wears away and leaves the bone unprotected.

There are two techniques that Dr. Scott Sigman has been specially trained in to repair damaged cartilage and restore you to normal movement with the best possible tissue and to prevent further cartilage damage.

The two procedures used in cartilage repair include:

  • Autologous chondrocyte implantation: Through the leading company, Viracell, we grow your own cells in culture and place your cells back in your knee for cartilage regrowth.
  • Osteochondral autograft transplant (OATS): Harvests a bone graft (a section of bone from an unaffected area of the joint that has a cartilage covering) and transplants it into the damaged area.


Dr. Scott Sigman uses EXPAREL to reduce opioid reliance and consumption.  EXPAREL can provide a non-opioid pain control in the first few days after surgery when patient’s postsurgical pain is the highest.  When using EXPAREL, there is no need for catheters, pumps, or other delivery devices.

Dr. Scott Sigman is a consultant for Pacira Pharmaceuticals, Inc., and has partnered with them on an initiative to use opioid alternatives in the surgical setting.