Total Knee Replacement

The knee is a “hinge” joint where the thigh bone (femur) and the shin bone (tibia) meet.  The knee cap (patella) glides over the femur when the knee moves.  In a healthy joint, a layer of smooth cartilage cushions the bone ends, working together with muscles, tendons and ligaments to allow you to bend your knee easily.  Arthritis – particularly “wear-and-tear” arthritis or osteoarthritis – as well as certain knee injuries and diseases can damage the cartilage, causing the bones to rub together and leading to pain and stiffness.

While there are nonsurgical and surgical treatment options available for patients with arthritis and other serious conditions, those with severe pain and stiffness that do not respond to conservative treatments may require joint replacement surgery to relieve pain and restore motion to the joint.

Dr. Scott Sigman uses TruMatch® total knee placement with the new ATTUNE® Knee Replacement System for a state-of-the-art replacement that is custom made for you.

This customization is made to fit your body and improves:

  • Surgery accuracy
  • Long term results of the surgery
  • Replacement success

This level of precision improves alignment and stability, which results in less wear and tear over time and helps the implant last longer than traditional knee replacement methods.

A CT scan is used to develop a 3-D computerized model of your entire leg and creates a customized surgical guide, based on your unique anatomy. With fewer surgical steps and less equipment in the OR, surgery is quicker, the risk of infection is considerably lower, and you will spend less time under anesthesia, which reduces the chance of complications.


Dr. Scott Sigman uses EXPAREL to reduce opioid reliance and consumption.  EXPAREL can provide a non-opioid pain control in the first few days after surgery when patient’s postsurgical pain is the highest.  When using EXPAREL, there is no need for catheters, pumps, or other delivery devices.

Dr. Scott Sigman is a consultant for Pacira Pharmaceuticals, Inc., and has partnered with them on an initiative to use opioid alternatives in the surgical setting.